Your best technician would need 15 minutes to
clean this heavily soiled part effectively

Check out how it can be cleaned within 1 minute
without coming into contact with any detergent

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Since 1919 worldwide –  50 years experience and
more thousands satisfied customers in the UK!

Check out what our partners say who are already using Torrent parts cleaner

I would never use anything else after trying the Torrent 500
Holmes and Quinn are an electric motor rewind company based in Fareham Hampshire. ‘We used a solvent based cleaner with a hand held brush that took a lot of time and effort to use. The Torrent 500 machine was introduced to us about a year ago. We are very happy with its very quick and effortless cleaning power. We can clean all the motor brackets, shafts and cooling fans. The time to clean the parts has reduced from 15 minutes to 2-3 minutes max. I would never use anything else after trying the torrent 500. One very impressive machine for cleaning all the fat off kitchen extractor hoods and fans.

Holmes and Quinn

Using the Torrent has improved health and safety whilst cleaning
Throbnozzle Engineering are based in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex and specialise in vintage engine and cylinder head refurbishment, notably Ford and Rootes engines from the 1960s. ‘We were using a manual solvent cleaner which worked well but the Torrent provided us with some extra benefits. In addition to being comparable at removing years of baked on oily dirt, the Torrent separates the operator from the smell whilst cleaning. Old engines have a strange odour. Torrent also stops the operator from being splashed by solvent which transfer the smell and contaminants to their overalls. Using the Torrent has improved health and safety whilst cleaning. When we have cleaned a really dirty part in the unit we just need to tap out the mesh filter to get rid of the muck so it does not end up in the cleaning fluid which it did with the solvent cleaner. This keeps our cleaning fluid cleaner for longer.’

Throbnozzle Engineering Ltd

Fast and effective cleaning, within a safe, enclosed booth producing exceptional results
‘NCH Pure Solve visited our site with their mobile demonstration unit. It proved a great success, with pigments and dyestuffs being VERY easily removed from our production components. We immediately booked a month’s trial and within minutes of this starting we had already decided to rent a unit going forward. The existing water based, manual unit was immediately unplugged and remained redundant until it was collected. The differences in the two methods, and units, were staggering. Cleaning that would have taken upwards of an hour in the old unit was completed within a couple of minutes. The unit really is that good! Fast and effective cleaning, within a safe, enclosed booth producing exceptional results! It has made a huge difference our processes, minimising downtime and liberating more production capacity. This coupled with an extremely professional approach from NCH Pure Solve has literally blasted away the competition!’

Eclipse Colours Ltd

Cleaning parts can be harmful, expensive, and time consuming

Hazardous waste can be difficult and costly to handle, never mind all the paperwork

Torrent 500 has changed parts cleaning

dashboardSave your time and money
with the Torrent solution

Cleaning parts has never been faster and more effective. With the Torrent 500 parts cleaner, you can clean 90% of the parts within one minute. The tedious exercise of cleaning parts with a flow of solvent through a brush over a sink is over. The Torrent 500 will outperform solvent-based washers in speed, safety and cleaning performance.

leafSafer parts

Torrent 500 is more cost effective, much safer and faster compared to solvent based parts washers. Your staff will no longer be exposed to hazardous solvents if they use the Torrent. In addition, our patented clarifier system reduces the amount of waste produced therefore reducing the need for environment agency returns, in some cases, to once per year.

We will take the weight
off your shoulders

We will install a Torrent 500 parts cleaner in your workshop on a very affordable rental scheme, teach you how to use it and visit your site once every four weeks to undertake the necessary maintenance. Our service includes supplying an environmentally friendly cleaning fluid which we will regenerate on service visits using our patented clarifier system. We could help you to reduce your hazardous waste by a factor of 8!

9 compelling arguments why you should consider the
Torrent 500 parts cleaner

An environmentally friendly combination of heat, pressure, and chemistry 5 times faster than automatic parts cleaning Stress-free service, as we arrange everything for you!
Cleans 90% of parts within one minute 8 times faster than solvent-based manual washing Reduces the amount of hazardous waste eightfold
Cleans even the hard-to-reach bits 10 times faster than water-based manual washing Safe and harmless to use, solvent free environment

So, you think you have parts that Torrent can’t clean in 1 minute?

How much faster is Torrent 500 parts cleaner than the cleaning method you use today?

times faster than solvent-based manual washing
times faster than water-based manual washing
times faster than automatic parts cleaning

Attention! Developers at NCH made a huge mistake

When our development team created Torrent and revolutionised parts cleaning with the perfect combination of a water-based solvent, high pressure, and heat, there was one thing they did not consider:

With the use of Torrent 500, the task everyone hated became a piece of cake! Developers believed that users would like Torrent for its effectiveness, thoroughness, cost-effectiveness, or its extreme speed. In fact, the truth is that users love Torrent because each use is fun – what used to be a nuisance is now their favourite process.

We are proud to say that Torrent parts cleaner is used by 6,579 users in 24 European countries and 99,64% of our customers are satisfied with what this revolutionary new technology offers.

  • Combines the joint action of pressure, temperature, and chemistry
  • Works five times faster than an automatic machine and cleans where an automatic machine cannot
  • Contains powerful corrosion inhibitors allowing for the safe washing of all metals and materials
  • Unique Clarifier technology separates contaminants from the cleaning solution
  • Costs much less than an automatic machine
  • Cuts hazardous waste costs
  • Significantly reduces labour costs through faster cleaning
  • Reduces the need for secondary cleaning with aerosols
  • Decreases exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Prevents skin absorption of harmful hydrocarbons or aggressive cleaning solutions
  • Does away with noxious fumes and fire hazards
  • Reduces the risk of medical claims
  • Total equipment maintenance
  • Complete fluid maintenance
  • Regular service visits
  • Cleaning solution calibration to meet your specific cleaning needs
One minute parts cleaning with Torrent 500

Are you also worried about hazardous waste treatment? Not anymore…

Compared to previous parts washing solutions, much less hazardous waste is generated through the use of Torrent, which we achieve with a unique technology provided to you through regular monthly service visits. As a result, the amount of hazardous waste is reduced eightfold. This means that if you used to generate 100 litres of hazardous waste during parts cleaning, you can now decrease it to 10-15 litres with Torrent:

Torrent 500 reduces the amount of hazardous waste to max. 15 litres per month

15 litres

Traditional washing equipment can generate up to 100 litres of hazardous waste monthly

100 litres

How would Torrent 500 enhance the cleaning processes in your workshop? 

Find out what advantages you’ll have if you use the technology of the future.

With Torrent 500 parts cleaner, you can clean 90% of parts within 1 minute. Combining the unique water-based cleaner with high pressure and temperature, you can get rid of oily and greasy contaminants fast and enjoyably. Torrent 500 is safe to use: you won’t be exposed to or inhale harmful chemicals during your work. You don’t need to fuss with settings, servicing, or the cleaning fluid: we’ll arrange everything so all you have to do is enjoy parts cleaning. Torrent 500 brings the future of cleaning technology to your workshop – every day!

With Torrent 500 parts cleaner, your work will be faster, you will be more effective, and you will also reduce the amount of your harmful waste, which helps you to achieve ISO goals and objectives. Thanks to our favourable rental scheme, you don’t need to subject your business to huge expenses as Torrent 500 is demonstrably cheaper than other parts cleaning machines. If you would like to experience the advantages offered by Torrent 500, contact us now and we will get a proposal to you as soon as possible.

Technical parameters

Torrent 500 specifications
Maximum part dimensions 730 mm wide
500 mm deep
550 mm high
Torrent 500 dimensions 930 mm wide
750 mm deep
1630 mm high
2270 mm high when opened
Weight of cleanable part 50 kg
Power uptake maximum 2 kW
Voltage 230 V, with 13/16 A fuse
Compressed air demand 3 cfm, 90-150 psi
Weight 110 kg with an empty container
220 kg with a full container
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