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  • 230 V (separate socket within 2 m)
  • Compressed air (min. 6.2 bar)
  • Preferably dry environment, room temperature
  • Access to water
  • Area of 2 m2 (for Torrent and to walk around the device), and an internal room height of 2.4 metres to allow the lid of Torrent to open comfortably

The cleaning fluid used in Torrent is water-based and it is not harmful to the environment. The operator is never exposed to chemicals while using Torrent.

Parts up to 50kg max in weight. The internal tray size is 730 mm wide, 500 mm deep, 550 mm high, but our practical experience shows that parts sized 650×450×400 mm can be cleaned in Torrent comfortably and accessibly. You can clean 90% of the parts within 1 minute using Torrent. However, don’t worry, even if you have different parts cleaning needs, we offer complete parts cleaning solutions for most applications, including oversized parts, automatic cleaning, cleaning small parts in bulk on special trays, cleaning thousands of parts a day in several shifts, etc. – we’ll help you free of charge to choose the parts cleaning solution that suits you best. All you need to do is contact us without hesitation here!

Within a maximum of 5 working days after your order arrives, you can experience cleaning parts with Torrent 500. Through our favourable rental scheme, we will ensure everything is taken care of!  You just have to enjoy parts cleaning.

Compared to other parts cleaning systems, Torrent produces considerably less hazardous waste. This is achieved with a special technology and we provide it to you with our regular monthly service. As a result, we reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced to one eighth of the original value. This means that if you produced 100 litres of hazardous waste before, you can decrease that amount to 10-15 litres with Torrent.